Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Sonic Parthenon Show – Episode 78: “Strong Minded”

The Sonic Parthenon Show – Episode 78: “Strong Minded”

“King of Rock” by Run-DMC

Set 1
“Ace of Spades” by Motorhead
“Heatseeker” by AC/DC
“Search & Destroy” by the Stooges
“Because I’m Awesome” by the Dollyrots

Set 2
“Black Superman” by Johnny Wakelin
“Brother Orson Welles” by New Bomb Turks
“Gun Slinger” by Bo Diddley
“Stagger Lee” by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
“Two Tub Man” by the Dictators”

Set 3
“Hair of the Dog” by Nazareth
“Hero of Nineteen Eighty Three” by Peachfuzz
“I Started a Fire” by Jaguar Love
“I’m the Bomb” by Electric Six

Set 4
“Get Your Hands Off My Woman” by the Darkness
“Hootchie Cootchie Man” by Muddy Waters
“Asshole” by Denis Leary
“Something to Prove” by the Redwood Plan

Set 5
“I Want to Conquer the World” by Bad Religion
“Cult of Personality” by Living Colour
“Toda Your Love, Tomorrow the World” by the Ramones
“Anti-Christ Superstar” by Marilyn Manson

“The Humpty Dance” by Digital Underground

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Paul Collins Beat; The Bamboo Kids; The Recordettes; M.O.T.O. @ Grand Victory

The Paul Collins Beat; The Bamboo Kids; The Recordettes; M.O.T.O.
@ Grand Victory
Brooklyn, NY - April 26, 2013

Ahh this takes me back. A garage-punk-power-pop-rock-n-roll mini-fest in Brooklyn. Lots of old faces on stage and off. Hanging around. Drinking too much then not enough then too much again. My back starting to hurt because I've been standing for 4 hours...wait a minute...

At long last M.O.T.O! One of my favorite bands during my rock n roll explosion of knowledge and absorption around 10 years ago, M.O.T.O was one of the few bands I never saw live during that period. If anything, my longest lasting memory was being trolled online by a former band member over politics and my love of Southern Culture on the Skids (as was the style at the time). Anyway, it took long enough but here we are. Paul Caporino, New Orleans raised, Brooklyn-ancestry, Chicago-fied at times in his life...all the proper elements of rock n roll save a little room for Memphis...THEE man of the Masters of the Obvious...has his disturbingly intact and finely tuned voice for his brand of fast feel good rock. And he's still having a good time. I say "still" even though this was my first live go-round with M.O.T.O. I have a right!

The Recordettes include a member of the Anabolics, an old NY garage punk outfit. The Recordettes hark back to the 60's garage pop revival that has never fully gone away. It's always a nice sound and some of the particular riffs in this band's arsenal are smashing.

The Bamboo Kids. Oh the Bamboo Kids. It's been quite a while since we last saw this little band that could. All these years since I first saw them at CBGB's and at Trash Bar which is still across the street from this curiously World War II-themed rock venue in a very changed Williamsburg. Bless these boys. Their newer boogie woogie infusions are working out fine which means the new Dean Rispler-produced doulbe LP (!!!) is probably gangbusters. And they still have that NYC '77 punch.

Papa Paul Collins. Another "still". Still making it look too easy even though no one quite has it like he does. Still showcasing master songs that are technically better than anything you or I could muster. Added bonus: he gives off a Lex Luthor vibe so don't mess with him. He thanks you and I thank you.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Sonic Parthenon Show – Episode 77: “The Voyager 3 Project, Volume 1 – Spirit of ‘77”

The Sonic Parthenon Show – Episode 77: “The Voyager 3 Project, Volume 1 – Spirit of ‘77”

“Glad to See You Go” by the Ramones

Set 1
“Mannish Boy” by Muddy Waters
“Pigs on the Wing 2” by Pink Floyd
“Draw the Line” by Aerosmith
“We are the Champions” by Queen
“She’s Always a Woman to Me” by Billy Joel
“Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” by Meatloaf

Set 2
“New Rose” by the Damned
“Holidays in the Sun” by the Sex Pistols
“I’m So Bored with the USA” by the Clash
“(I’m) Stranded” by the Saints
“New Race” by Radio Birdman

Set 3
“New Feeling” by Talking Heads
“Get off the Phone” by Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers
“See No Evil” by Television
“Love Comes in Spurts” by Richard Hell & the Voidoids

Set 4
“Miracle Man” by Elvis Costello
“Blockheads” by Ian Dury & the Blockheads
“Lookin’ After Number 1” by the Boomtown Rats
“In the City” by the Jam
“Three Girl Rhumba” by Wire

Set 5
“Be My Wife” by David Bowie
“The Passenger” by Iggy Pop
“I Love to Boogie” by T-Rex
“Neon Angels on the Road to Ruin” by the Runaways

Set 6
“Whole Lotta Rosie” by AC/DC
“Motorhead” by Motorhead
“Dissident Aggressor” by Judas Priest
“Dancing in the Moonlight” by Thin Lizzy

Set 7
“Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley
“Barber Shop" by Tom Waits
“I Want You to Want Me” by Cheap Trick
“Brick House” by Commodores

“Sheena is a Punk Rocker” by the Ramones

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Record Store Day 2013: Livids @ Generation Records

@ Generation Records
New York, NY - April 20, 2013

All I know is there was a record store and records and they set it up for a band and there is this guy and he's been around the rock n' roll block and he also wrote a book and damn skippy boy howdy here's a rock n' roll show.
Among the stiffs and squares in this mundane crowd, witness a little girl with her wise father showing her what real rock n' roll, coarse language and all, is all about. Also wisely, gave her good headphones. Also witness one DJ Rez of the Thor Radio Internet network on the Live365. After a happy chat prior to the show, said disc jockey made himself available to be mauled (as he put it, "dry humped") by Mr. D during the brawling, rambling set o' madness. Others had their glasses stolen, their hair wiped, their knit caps defiled (with more sweat). Your obedient servant merely got away with his fedora briefly absconded with but delivered back in moments in dramatic rolling through the air fashion.

I love this man. I love his band. It was love at first sight a few weeks ago (and yes I damn well know his musical history so please) at the Hives concert. The love continues.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Sonic Parthenon Show – Episode 76: “Detroit 2000”

The Sonic Parthenon Show – Episode 76: “Detroit 2000”

“Hey Hey, We’re the Gories” by the Gories

Set 1
“Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes
“No Sugar Mama” by the Von Bondies
“What This Town Needs” by Blanche
“Cha Cha Twist” by the Detroit Cobras
“Danger! High Voltage” by Electric Six

Set 2
“Devil With a Blue Dress On” by Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels
“Kick Out the Jams” by the MC5
“Real Cool Time” by the Stooges
“You’re a Prisoner” by Death

Set 3
“Motor City Baby” by the Dirtbombs
“Run Rabbit Run” by Bantam Rooster
“Cry No More” by Ko & the Knockouts
“Whatcha Got?” by the Come Ons
“We Talk About God” by Troy Gregory & the Stepsisters

Set 4
“Scotch Love” by the Paybacks
“Hot Rod Breakdown” by Gore Gore Girls
“My Little Birdie” by the Nice Device
“Yeah Baby” by the Fondas
“Chez Maximes” by the Sirens

Set 5
“Spit It Out” by Brendan Benson
“Satisfy My Mind” by the Greenhornes
“Good Feeling” by the Soledad Brothers
“Red and Black” by the Muldoons

"Hey You" by the Demolition Doll Rods

Set 6
“Will I Be True” by the Sights
“He Can Go, You Can’t Stay” by the Singles
“Sunday Volume” by the Prime Ministers
“Wait” by the Avatars
“See and Be Scene” by the Hard Lessons

“Hot Women (Cold Beer)” by Goober & the Peas

The Sonic Parthenon Playlist: Early 2013


The 1975 - "Sex"
Kylie Auldist - "Counting on You"
James Younger - "Monday Morning"
Kate Nash - "Death Proof"
Ra Ra Riot - "Beta Love"
Johnny Marr - "The Right Thing Right"
The Lions - "Pieces of Man"
Joel Plaskett Emergency - Harbour Boys
Whitehorse - "Devil's Got a Gun"
Two Door Cinema Club - "Wake Up"
Jake Bugg - "Two Fingers"
Gliss - "Weight of Love"
HAERTS - "Wings"
Night Moves - "Headlights"
Still Pacific - "Speeding to My Death"
Hunter Hunted - "Keep Together"
The Valley - "Rad Dungeons"
Savages - "Husbands"
Caught a Ghost - "Sleeping at Night"
Pillowfight - "Ghost"
Cheetahs - "The Swan"
Cayucas- Cayucos
STRFKR - "While I'm Alive"
Foxygen - "No Destruction"

The Bryan Ferry Orchestra - The Jazz Age
David Bowie - The Next Day