Saturday, April 20, 2013

Record Store Day 2013: Livids @ Generation Records

@ Generation Records
New York, NY - April 20, 2013

All I know is there was a record store and records and they set it up for a band and there is this guy and he's been around the rock n' roll block and he also wrote a book and damn skippy boy howdy here's a rock n' roll show.
Among the stiffs and squares in this mundane crowd, witness a little girl with her wise father showing her what real rock n' roll, coarse language and all, is all about. Also wisely, gave her good headphones. Also witness one DJ Rez of the Thor Radio Internet network on the Live365. After a happy chat prior to the show, said disc jockey made himself available to be mauled (as he put it, "dry humped") by Mr. D during the brawling, rambling set o' madness. Others had their glasses stolen, their hair wiped, their knit caps defiled (with more sweat). Your obedient servant merely got away with his fedora briefly absconded with but delivered back in moments in dramatic rolling through the air fashion.

I love this man. I love his band. It was love at first sight a few weeks ago (and yes I damn well know his musical history so please) at the Hives concert. The love continues.


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