Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stuff I Have Missed And Stuff I Will Miss

How the heck did this one slip by me? Via Stereogum, The Hold Steady rocked Letterman in January (and here is the new, proper video for "Stuck Between Stations", also via the good blog known as Stereogum).

Tomorrow night, Wayne Coyne reports for the Tonight Show from SXSW. That's right - Wayne Coyne doing a bit for the Tonight Show.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mary Weiss and the Reigning Sound on Conan O'Brien


Monday, March 12, 2007

Daaaaaaaaaaaamn Ben!

So I read this a couple days ago and decided to post about it. Not that I have an opinion either way that I wish to share but I just wanted to pass on a taste of the drama that can come from liking bands from a particular community.

But just minutes before I set to post this, I am alerted to the fact that I did not read the whole thing carefully for lo' and behold there is a section alluding to me:

As soon as I wrapped and clicked the silver band on my right wrist I immediately knew it was painfully too tight. I am an idiot. And I still got three more days I have to keep this sucker on. Does the Metro Times hate its fans?

This is in reference to an episode that occurred in the days leading up to this event. In a moment that gives power to the internet - I had posted on a White Stripes messageboard that I was disgruntled with a policy that had been put into place before that gig at Tower Records. The shop guys said that the band is asking people attending the gig to wear a wristband for 3 days. It cannot be taken off. The store emphasized that this was not their policy, but the bands.

I didn't like it. And I have a mouth on me. And I like to use that mouth through my fingers. So I went on the board and said my peace, which was "does Jack White hates his fans?". There had been some episodes in the past that caused me to think about this as an honest question. And that was just it, a question. I didn't already have the answer in my mind and was just looking to fight. But that's how it was perceived and I got into it with a lot of the loyal fans (frankly, a lot of psychos too). I also got into it, unfortunately, with Ben. And I also got into it with JACK HIMSELF. Eventually I apologized, whether I was right or wrong. It was a needless fight. The end result was a he said/he said between the band and the record store. And in fact, Jack apologized to the crowd for wearing the damn things. So as far as I was concerned, it was over. Of course, there were more awkward moments to come, particularly after this gig, and there were more moments on the messageboard where Jack and I tussled. But I tried to keep it light and tried to convey that there shouldn't be any serious conflict going on. After all, anyone who reads this blog (and god knows why anyone would) knows that I am basically a shill for two musical entities: The Dirtbombs and Jack White. So why would I like and continue to promote (in my own meaningless ways) these acts if I just trash and/or fight with said people?

Anyway, as you can see, some people do not want to let this go. Now for all I know it was a playful jest. But for all I know, it was a snarky swipe. So either way, let's just air this out in the open folks. Read the following carefully:

For 3 years and 11 months, I spent anywhere from 20 minutes to multiple hours daily on a messageboard for the White Stripes. Over the course of time, it became obvious that not just fans of Jack White but his relatives and friends and peers and JACK HIMSELF trolled the board. And I mean "trolled". But then again, I was a troll too. I am an instigating, inciting, son of a bitch. I make no bones about it. I am a loser with no life. But as it turns out, it was the same case for everyone else on that board, including the artist himself. A lot of disturbing sick shit has gone down on that board, and one couldn't tell whether it was all in satirical fun or outright seriousness. I certainly hope it was the former.

Anyway, for all I know no one will read this. Or everyone will read this. And drama will be had. Or no drama will be had at all. Maybe I will be banned from all future Jack and related gigs, maybe I won't, maybe nothing will happen. I don't know. But I do care. Because I like to have fun and having fun means seeing the artists I love perform. Simple as that. But if we're going to get bogged down in incidences from years past, then we have a serious failure in the system of human relationships. Seriously.

Can't We All Just Get The Fuck Along? Can't We Just Sit Down And Have A Beer? Or a Glass of Wine? Or a Cup of Water? And Can We Have That Beer Without The Fear Of Having A Glass Shattered Over One's Head? Specifically My Head? What Is It Going To Take? PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE TELL ME.

Reigning Ribeye Rule Over All

The alternate headline for this review was going to be "Cartwriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! 4!".

Reigning Sound; Ribeye Brothers
@ Southpaw
Brooklyn, NY - March 11, 2007

When I wasn't making an ass out of myself at the bar ordering a "Malibu Bay Breeze with Grapefruit" (that's a Seabreeze, doofus), I was enjoying a textbook great night of rock n roll. The Reigning Sound are on fire lately, serving as the backing band to Mary Weiss, the former lead singer of the legendary Shangri-La's. Now armed with a keyboard (maybe once again armed, for all I know), I actually prefer this smoother, more soulful incarnation than the smashing guitar madness that first impressed me years ago (not that I am one to be impressed of course, I'm a nobody). Greg Cartwright is an affable, loveable frontman who just enjoys what he's doing and seeing him on Conan tomorrow night will be a great moment for all his longtime fans. Roxxan has some pics.
Opening act the Ribeye Brothers put a new spin on hard rockabilly-ish roadhouse rock - a controlled but thunderous metal voice eminating from the controlled force that is Tim Cronin. As a guy who loves to pick on New Jersey, this band gave me one less reason to do so.