Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Sonic Parthenon Show – Episode 48: “At the Last Minute or On the Fly or Off the Cuff or Whatever You Prefer to Call This Episode”

The Sonic Parthenon Show – Episode 48: “At the Last Minute or On the Fly or Off the Cuff or Whatever You Prefer to Call This Episode”

“Start the Party” by the Dirtbombs

Set 1
“Satellite of Love” by Lou Reed
“Another Girl, Another Planet (Live)” by the Replacements
“Shake Your Foundations” by AC/DC
“I Don’t Care” by The Ramones

Set 2
“(I Live for) Cars and Girls” by The Dictators
“King of Spain” by the Tallest Man on Earth
“Mujer Hilandera” by Juanceo Y Su Combo
“In the Middle” by Joshua James

Set 3
“Lafayette Blues” by the White Stripes
“Walking to New Orleans” by Fats Domino
“The Warning” by Hot Chip
“Detox Mansion” by Warren Zevon

Set 4
“High School” by the MC 5
“Boots Are Made For Walking” by Nancy Sinatra
“Monkey to Man” by Elvis Costello
“Think You Can Wait” by the National
“Voodoo Train” by the BellRays

“True Patriot Love” by the Joel Plaskett Emergency

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Sonic Parthenon Show – Episode 47: “Spring Forward 2012”

The Sonic Parthenon Show – Episode 47: “Spring Forward 2012”

“Rock n’ Roll is the Answer” by Joey Ramone

Set 1
“Youth Without Youth” by Metric
“Seaside Bar Song” by Bruce Springsteen
“After the Fall” by Norah Jones
“Primitive Girl” by M. Ward

Set 2
“Sixteen Saltines” by Jack White
“Tobacco Road” by the Nashville Teens
“If You Want Trouble” by Nick Waterhouse
“Velvet Elvis” by Alex Winston

Set 3
“Pass Away” by Pomegranates
“The Lake” by Clare & the Reasons
“Paper Butterfly” by Shana Halligan
“La Grande” by Laura Gibson

Set 4
“Turn the Knife” by Voxhaul Broadcast
“Bad Thing” by King Tuff
“Give Me a Call” by Bloodnstuff
“Big God” by Diamond Rugs

Set 5
“Look the Other Way” by Justin Townes Earle
“Stairway” by Yukon Blonde
“Marathon Runner” by Yellow Ostrich
“Twisted Little Blades” by Little Barrie

Set 6
“Satellite” by the Sex Pistols
“Stuck in my ID” by Reptar
“Junebouvier” by Whirr
“Snowball” by Devo

“Slug” by the Ramones

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Norah Jones @ Bell House

Norah Jones; Jim Campilongo Trio
@ The Bell House
Brooklyn, NY - May 11, 2012

Dangermouse B. Burton himself was in attendance as Norah J showcased the record he produced - Little Broken Hearts - the album that again causes many to say Norah's sound has changed. We've heard this before and it is in some ways quite true (again - especially as those Norah sounds get filtered through the Dangermouse complex), but in the end - again - Norah is Norah. Even with a completely new band of men with astonishingly bad hair, even with the cool (as in temperature) not-quite-70's-soul for which Dangermouse is known, Norah Jones is still Norah Jones. Her voice is still a cup of coffee in the morning, her songs are still a select choice of the ultimate run - Country, Jazz, and the Blues. She's still Norah whether she's mining her four (!) previous records (we're that old now, holy moses), or figuring out these new trepidations.

Duly noted: Incessantly chatting Corporate Yuppie Douchebags shut the fuck up for ballad-renditions of "Don't Know Why".

Little Willies'/Norah Jones' pal Jim Campilongo warmed up the crowd with his folk-Jazz sound - it was actually much more compelling than the description makes it. And a down to Earth to dude. Remember those?!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Sonic Parthenon Show – Episode 46: “The Devil”

The Sonic Parthenon Show – Episode 46: “The Devil”

“Hells Bells” by AC/DC

Set 1
“The Devil” by the Rapture
“Kiss the Devil” by Eagles of Death Metal
“The Devil Never Sleeps” by Iron & Wine
“Devil Nights” by Electric Six
“Devil’s Dance Floor” by Flogging Molly

Set 2
“Shout at the Devil” by Motley Crue
“Race with the Devil” by Gene Vincent
“Devil Got My Woman” by Skip James
“Let the Devil In” by TV on the Radio
“Devil’s Stompin’ Ground” by Southern Culture on the Skids

Set 3
“Hell” by Squirrel Nut Zippers
“Aloha From Hell” by the Cramps
“Real Child of Hell” by X
“Straight to Hell” by the Clash
“Raisin’ Hell Again” by Scott H. Biram

Set 4
“The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by Charlie Daniels Band
“A Night with the Jersey Devil” by Bruce Springsteen
“The Devil & Maggie Chascarillo” by Lucero
“Me and the Devil Blues” by Robert Johnson

Set 5
“Devil in Me” by 22-20’s
“Devil Inside” by INXS
“Devil’s Haircut” by Beck
“Devil’s Child” by Judas Priest

Set 6
“Evil” by Howlin’ Wolf
“Evil” by Grinderman
“Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones

“Runnin’ With the Devil” by Blanche

Tonight’s show was inspired by a recent online edition of the radio program Radiolab and their inquest into the legend of Robert Johnson and the deal with the Devil at the Crossroads. You can hear the piece by following this link.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Xiu Xiu; Dirty Beaches; Father Murphy @ Bowery Ballroom

Xiu Xiu; Dirty Beaches; Father Murphy @ Bowery Ballroom New York, NY - May 4, 2012

I haven't gone to the Bowery Ballroom in so long (two years) it was like going back to church after leaving the faith. A flood of memories courtesy of my own personal nostalgia train. But it was better that I was going to see a band I've never seen before or even really listened to before instead of a familiar face in the old shrine. At the same time, considering it was an act that has been around for as long if not longer than the peers of the very rock n roll moment that was the exact flood of memories, that was better too.

Xiu Xiu call up Joy Division/New Order and the legacy that followed. Mining some of the better moments of the alt 80's (and doing it since before the 80's took over retro-cool), the simplicity of a stripped down duo also recalled certain memories of other stripped down duos. Xiu Xiu had something else going for it: what the impending-wife said has appealed to every man since the Tet Offensive: emotionless Asian woman.

Dirty Beaches are so No-Wave they make Teenage Jesus and the Jerks sound like bubblegum. I think I heard a Stooges song in there.

Father Murphy - well if you can't say anything nice...