Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Official CMJ Music Marathon Schedule

First listen to this and read this and this.

  • Tuesday October 31
  • The Black Hollies - Lincoln Center Day Stage
  • Medeski, Martin, & Wood - Hammerstein Ballroom
  • The Cardigans; Matt Nathanson - Knitting Factory
  • Birdmonster - Pianos

  • Wednesday November 1
  • Steve Earle; Laura Cantrell - Southpaw
  • Tapes N' Tapes; Cold War Kids; Dr. Dog; Elvis Perkins; What Made Milwaukee Famous - Bowery Ballroom
  • The Giraffes - Studio B
  • Magnolia Electric Company - Northsix
  • Someone Still Loves Your Boris Yeltsin - Pianos
  • The Mugs - Magnetic Field
  • Thunderbirds Are Now - Pianos (early)
  • Thunderbirds Are Now; Tokyo Police Club; Harlem Shakes - Galapagos
  • The Slits - Knitting Factory
  • Rooney - Irving Plaza
  • Dr. Dog, Jonny Lives - Lincoln Center Day Stage
  • Tigers and Monkeys - Fontana's

  • Thursday November 2
  • The Slits - Maxwell's
  • Blue Cheer; Moon & Moon - Knitting Factory
  • Heavy Trash - Pianos (early show)
  • The Black Lips; Dirty on Purpose - Sin-é
  • Tralala - Rebel
  • The Shins; The Thermals; The Elected - Bowery Ballroom
  • Forward Russia - Mercury Lounge
  • The Flesh - Midway
  • Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin; Headlights - Europa
  • The French Kicks; Thunderbirds Are Now; Tokyo Police Club - Studio B
  • Silversun Pickups - Pianos
  • Jonny Lives - Crash Mansion
  • Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Lincoln Center Day Stage
  • Oakley Hall - Tonic
  • Hot Chip - Webster Hall

  • Friday November 3
  • The Decemberists - Hammerstein Ballroom
  • The Black Keys; The Black Angels - Nokia Theater
  • Albert Hammond Jr; Tokyo Police Club - Mercury Lounge
  • The Black Hollies - Cake Shop
  • George Clinton; Kid Congo - Crash Mansion
  • SSM - R&R (9:30AM show)
  • The Secret Machines - Warsaw
  • The Starlite Desperation - Lit Lounge
  • The Grates - Bowery Ballroom
  • Architecture in Helsinki - Irving Plaza
  • Thunderbirds Are Now - Pianos
  • Deerhoof; Mary Timoney - Hiro Ballroom
  • Palomar - The Delancey

  • Saturday November 4
  • The Mooney Suzuki; The Dansettes - Rebel
  • Scott H. Biram; Bobby Bare Jr (4PM show) - Union Pool
  • The Fall - Hiro Ballroom
  • The Secret Machines - Warsaw
  • Cody Chestnutt - Canal Room
  • Shooter Jennings; Oakley Hall; The Watson Twins - Irving Plaza
  • The French Kicks; Bobby Bare Jr. - Mercury Lounge
  • Silversun Pickups; Tokyo Police Club; Elvis Perkins - The Annex
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    Sunday, October 29, 2006

    Blue Republic's My Space Band of the Week: The Decemberists

    Collin Meloy and co. are back after last year's Best Album of 2005, Picaresque, with The Crane Wife and they're playing the Hammerstein Ballroom this Friday as part of CMJ.
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    Listen to "O Valencia" from the new album and watch the video for "Sixteen Military Wives" from Picaresque, at my page, then go to the official page and official site.

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    Sunday, October 22, 2006

    Blue Republic's My Space Band of the Week: The Crooners

    Several weeks ago now, I was strolling through Union Square and came across a trio of minstrels playing the old time sounds of Americana - Dixieland Jazz, Folk Blues, all that good stuff. I was able to stick around long enough to catch their name, The Crooners. Turns out these Brooklyn-based young fogies are rather worldly and more eclectic than they let on.
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    Listen to "Don't Walk Out On Me" on my page, then listen to 3 more tracks on the official page and then go to the official site.

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    Saturday, October 21, 2006

    Chillin' With Jolie

    Jolie Holland; David Dondero
    @ Maxwell's
    Hoboken, NJ - October 20, 2006

    A very chill, relaxed night in Hoboken and a rare early show at Maxwell's. Jolie Holland's mystically chanteuse-style sounds, mixing country, blues, and Jazz, make for a real trip. Opener David Dondero is in the classic solo acoustic-man vein and his songs have a lot of weight. Particularly check out "South of the South".

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    Thursday, October 19, 2006

    A Pet Peeve of Mine

    Part of the reason you may have noticed a decreasing lack of gig reportage on this blog is my growing disatisfaction with crowds. Not only am I growing weary of tight, packed-in crowds, I am also very wear of conduct by the crowds. I hate moshing and crowd surfing and I especially hate it at shows where it is completely inappropriate. And then there is stage crashing. Some jackass thinking this will make him the coolest guy in the world by jumping on stage and rocking out with the band. That being said, there are shows where all this kind of behavior can be expected. And when it is expected that is fine. If you don't like it, you can simply move to a different spot in the venue or just laugh off the antics on stage.

    However, when it happens inappropriately, it really gets my goat. It really does. Especially the stage crashing. Last year's Dirtbombs show at the Knitting Factory included a real moron jumping on stage to not only sing, but to touch Mick Collins and grab Ko's bass. Mick was too nice a guy to do anything about it but someone else would have done something...someone namely being Jack White.

    But now someone else has come to speak up against stage crashing. In a clear cut example of inappropriate setting and violating someone's personal space (and also, let's face it, the risks that come along with it all - see Dimebag Darrell's tragic end). Jeff Tweedy, leader of Wilco, faced such a problem a couple nights ago in Springfield, Missouri. Tweedy did the most appropriate thing possible...he decked the guy. And then he explained himself.

    Score another victory in the War on Stage Crashers.

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    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    See Ya CBGB

    That's it. Sunday night, October 15th, 2006. Patti Smith. The End of CBGB.
    Brooklyn Vegan here, here, and here
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    Sunday, October 15, 2006

    Blue Republic's My Space Band of the Week: The Gories

    Usually, Band of the Week is for a current band but now and then we need to take a stroll down memory lane. All that garage rock we love nowadays comes from the 60's, but without the Gories' heyday in the late 80's and early 90's, the sound may not have ever rejuvenated itself.

    Listen to "Feral" on my page and also check out a classic video of "Nitroglycerine". Then go to the official Gories page run by Hotep Nefti.


    Sunday, October 08, 2006

    Blue Republic's My Space Artist of the Week: James Hunter

    He sounds like Sam Cooke and that's a voice we need in this day and age. I discovered him a couple weeks ago via Dave Raven's Raven N Blues show but it turns out Van Morrison, Elvis Costello, and Rosanne Cash already got the word. This guy is for real.
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    Listen to "Mollena" on my page before taking the requisite trek to the official page and official site.


    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    Blue Republic's My Space Band of the Week: Reigning Sound

    Greg Cartwright and his damn good band.
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    Listen to "We Repel Each Other" on my page before going to this page.