Sunday, September 12, 2010

Metric @ Juicy Couture

@ Juicy Couture
New York, NY - September 10, 2010

In the weirdest fucking gig I've ever been to, Metric took part in Fashion Week's second annual Fashion Night Out in which fashion houses put on events like this. Emily and Mr. S did "Gimme Sympathy", "Twilight Galaxy", and the Strokes' "The End Has No End" in a simple piano/acoustic set-up in the back of the store. At first it seemed like nobody was going to be there for this thing, everyone else milling about the clothes while boys in eye pink served glasses of champagne. But suddenly the placed flooded moments before the duo took the stage. Where did these people come from? How did they time it so right? No matter. A fake stuffed-fox wore a beret and a I stood next to Emily Haines while she played piano. Something like that is unlikely to ever happen again.

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