Saturday, May 12, 2012

Norah Jones @ Bell House

Norah Jones; Jim Campilongo Trio
@ The Bell House
Brooklyn, NY - May 11, 2012

Dangermouse B. Burton himself was in attendance as Norah J showcased the record he produced - Little Broken Hearts - the album that again causes many to say Norah's sound has changed. We've heard this before and it is in some ways quite true (again - especially as those Norah sounds get filtered through the Dangermouse complex), but in the end - again - Norah is Norah. Even with a completely new band of men with astonishingly bad hair, even with the cool (as in temperature) not-quite-70's-soul for which Dangermouse is known, Norah Jones is still Norah Jones. Her voice is still a cup of coffee in the morning, her songs are still a select choice of the ultimate run - Country, Jazz, and the Blues. She's still Norah whether she's mining her four (!) previous records (we're that old now, holy moses), or figuring out these new trepidations.

Duly noted: Incessantly chatting Corporate Yuppie Douchebags shut the fuck up for ballad-renditions of "Don't Know Why".

Little Willies'/Norah Jones' pal Jim Campilongo warmed up the crowd with his folk-Jazz sound - it was actually much more compelling than the description makes it. And a down to Earth to dude. Remember those?!


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