Saturday, August 27, 2011

Deniz Tek; Ivan Julian @ the Bell House

Deniz Tek; Ivan Julian
@ the Bell House
Brooklyn, NY - August 26, 2011

Why is punk rock n roll so good? I don't know. Well I do. But for tonight, let's just say the reason is that punk rock fears not an impending hurricane. It was Good Night, Irene at the Bell House as first Voidoid Ivan Julian and then Radio Birdman Deniz Tek, the Iceman himself, gave this tropical storm the middle finger. Ivan Julian ran the gamut of punk rock, shuffling his boots through the classic approach as well as through some blues, country, and that No Wave Blank Generation vibe (yes, that song was played). Deniz Tek didn't mess around, slashing between punk rock and some sludgy blues, backed by some pomade-happy, tatooed-up twins with some extra help by Keith from the Fuzztones. The "New Race" ending was smashing.

And in the ultimate expression of why it's ok to be a punk rock elitist: There were more people in the front bar at the 80's dance party (few if any of the participants appeared to be old enough to remember the 80's) than there were in the back room for the gig. These bubble gumming yuppie hipsters had no idea who exactly was back there. You know what? That's OK.

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At August 27, 2011 at 1:41:00 PM EDT, Blogger Matt said...

It has always disappointed me that the world at large is unaware of Radio Birdman. I mean...Deniz Tek solo last night, friday night, is this not sold out? And it dawns on me that the world doesn't know. They just don't.


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