Saturday, September 06, 2014

The Buzzcocks @ Webster Hall

The Buzzcocks; Titus Andronicus
@ Webster Hall
New York, NY - September 6, 2014

In what has proven to be the onset of what can best be described as The September-to-Remember-Old-Punks Concert Series, here's a treat: my first ever seeing of the Buzzcocks.

As someone who's introduction to the Buzzcocks was the ending credits of Shaun of the Dead, I have the inevitable novice perspective but that was nigh on a decade ago so what's my excuse? Too much listenin' to the Ramones, that was my problem. I also took in the discography in two very different ways, both of which were on display tonight: a playlist of songs like "Fast Cars" and the comp Singles Going Steady. I was almost of two opinions then but not now. This was good all around.

A healthy mosh pit o'scamps not much younger than the performers told the tale - this is still immediately visceral music. Witness the show stoppin' "Orgasm Addict". And singing to "I Don't Mind", "What Do I Get" and "Ever Fallen In Love" was a multi-generational set of rock n rollers: old punks in leather and denim with a disturbing amount of spending money, greying late comers like this dog, and even some young beauties full of authentic rock n roll spirit whom yours truly knew from old times.

Speaking of old times there was Titus Andronicus, a young band I've seen plenty but not in a long, long time. Despite some line-up change(s), it's still Patrick Stickles' show and the band is HOT. I don't think I ever dug them as much as the hipsterati did a few years ago but what good I remember was all out tonight. Their eponymous number is an anthem now and forever.

Side Note: kudos to the Webster Hall DJ for Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time" between sets.


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