Friday, September 19, 2014

Broncho @ Mercury Lounge

Broncho; EZTV; Low Litas
@ Mercury Lounge
New York, NY - September 18, 2014

I'll say a word first about Low Litas for good reason. The opening act, I found them a tad acrid. There were only a few crunchy grunge riffs. It was too dyspeptic a style for an opener for snappy Broncho. Well lo and behold this trio wound up being 3 of the 5 members of Broncho. 2 of these kids are lasses and I'll be damned if they look like the fellas in the pictures.

Broncho were spot on. Punchy to start with, then trending into the catchy stand-outs on their two records, both the punk flash of the debut and the power pop and grooves of the sophomore effort. The only problem was it was over too soon. Not even 40 minutes as a headlining act. So be it, take what you can get and don't ask for more (You hear that Scotland?).

EZTV are a Jackson Brownish garage trio who covered the Flamin' Groovies with some aplomb.


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