Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Heavy @ Webster Hall

The Heavy; The Silent Comedy; The Skins
@ Webster Hall
New York, NY - June 12, 2013

I was in Noid once. At the Shaky Lamb, sharing a pint of bitter with my solicitor "Pound" Sterling Halfpenny. He told me about a local act by the name of the Heavy. Played me a cut or two. I was very well nearly hooked. Well a ways up the way comes "How You Like Me Now?" and well didn't that just beat all. And here in the wake of their newest emerald, The Glorious Dead, the Heavy have returned to New York, packin' 'em in at Webster Hall like they were always meant to do. Apt comparisons to soul-rock hybrid acts of before-and-present aside, this band is its own identity, even if they directly take "I Put a Spell on You" without pity. And when a song by the Heavy can be called "one of their best songs", then it becomes so that is it simply of one of THE best songs. Period. Witness "Curse Me Good" and "What Makes a Good Man". And witness the crowd. And the possession of the crowd. It's borderline trembling.

The Silent Comedy came out and I thought they were badass metal Brits but it turns out they're neo-hippies of California - think Edward Sharpe & Dawes getting together by way of Mumford & Sons (not the Brits of whom I was thinking). Some things worked, some things didn't. I read there are founding brothers in this venture. I venture myself it's the bassist and the ivory tickler. The tickler should be handling more of the load. His lead efforts were the best. They should also revamp down a Murder by Death route and really pack a wallop.

The Skins are from Brooklyn. The Skins are also siblings with help. The Skins are young. The Skins sound like the BellRays, the Noisettes, and Stiffed. The Skins might prove to be amazing.


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