Sunday, November 01, 2009

The King Khan & BBQ Show @ Bowery Ballroom

The King Khan & BBQ Show
@ Bowery Ballroom
New York, NY - October 30, 2009

Since I last saw this act, Khan took off to the heavens as a hipster darling with his same-intention, differently-packaged Shrines and BBQ hitchhiked-along as something of an after-thought (except up in central-eastern Canada in the garage scene there). The end result was the duo that once played New York-area places that couldn't hold more than a few dozen people now headline the Bowery Ballroom. They even have their own little background design these days, showing off how far they've come. But have no fear, it's the same old King Khan & BBQ Show. Khan has the guitar chops and Mark has The Voice. Not the voice. But The Voice. It's a voice so powerful he can do whatever he wants with it. Choosing to stick to his guns isn't a bad one. The material off of the first record is still the only really good stuff this duo has ever produced (and about half of that record were already solo-Sultan recordings previously) but with 3 albums and a moment in the sun under their belts, the King Khan & BBQ Show may - may - be here to stay and that's a good thing.

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