Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Slowest Runner in All the World @ Glasslands

The Slowest Runner in All the World; The Baltic Sea
@ Glasslands
Brooklyn, NY - Tuesday August 25th, 2009

The Slowest Runner in All the World - who could be alternatively called Not Usain Bolt - are a prog-inspired Pandora's box of sound. If Murder by Death had unprotected sex with Dreamtheatre, this would be the baby.

The Baltic Sea are from Portland, Maine which in and of itself makes them stand-out. The auditory nuances of the band were fitting for the art gallery confines they played in.

On an unrelated but related note, take a walk down South 2nd Street between Kent and Wythe on a weeknight sometime. Just do it. And laugh. And laugh. And do these people live like this? I don't know...

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