Sunday, February 03, 2008


The last Democratic debate brought the two candidates back from the brink of irreconcilable differences and brought the base back to loving both candidates, rather than hating one over the other. And not only was the session not the war that it was last time, it was barely a debate. It was more of a Democratic party strategy session, with a hashing out of the minor (though substantive) differences on a few issues. It was so encouraging that at the end, Wolf Blitzer felt imbued with the spirit to ask the ultimate question: Dream ticket?

And the dynamics have changed so much, the concept of Hillary being the number 2 isn't immediately laughable. For about 5 seconds anyway.

Tuesday: Clinton edges out Obama but doesn't finish him off. A few primaries down the road and by the end of the month or by mid-March, it's over. And she picks him for the number 2. They need each other now. They've come this far, and this country is in need of one, last desperate attempt to save it from the end that it appears to be heading for, that why-the-hell-not let's get a 2-for-1 deal. Yes, the concept of having BOTH a woman and a not-white candidate on the ticket will be met with "too much at once, too soon" but this is it. Do or die. Now or never. In 2008, the Democratic party will either nominate a woman or a black man. Do both and show the world that America can still live up to the 238 year old hype that it's never actually had a good hold of.

But don't count out the idea of Obama at the top of the ticket yet either. This is officially a movement. And there hasn't been a movement that doubled as a presidential campaign in a very long time. It is a bona fide movement. And not only is it about the number of people it is inspiring, it is about how it is inspiring and how much.

This shit may just be real, son.


OK, OK I won't lie. Who are we kidding? What do you think is the real reason for the sudden change around here?


Did you really think I was finally excited again because of his flashy rhetoric and this dopey song? Do you really think the country can be saved by this guy and his hopes and his dreams? Brotha, Please. This about is the hotness. Look at these goddamned sexy sexy people loving this guy and this movement. I even had one of them checking me out on the subway because I was reading Vidal's Burr.

I mean, he even makes Scarlett smile. Legitimately smile.
Goddamn! Now that is what a movement is supposed to be like.

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