Monday, January 21, 2008

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

  • So Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, and Talking Heads have their new generational spawn. It makes sense what with the rise of various ethnic music entering the Indie circles. As pan-African sounds join the parade, it's no surprise that Vampire Weekend and Yeasayer are leading the charge, the former in the form of Graceland and Police-like rhythms, the latter in the "In Your Eyes"/Byrne-like complexity vein. Even Hot Chip have done a cover of "Graceland". And Hot Chip just plain rule.
  • But don't count out Beirut, DeVotchka, and Gogol Bordello. Eastern-Euro sounds aren't out of the picture yet. And Flogging Molly is back this year. Despite their Warped-tour affiliations, they have always been the best ambassador for Celtic sounds in rock music since the Pogues.
  • A review of Cloverfield will be coming but it must be said: after all that original hype, including on this blog, the final product already appears to be a letdown. It appears to be more of a typical pick-off-the-beautiful-young-people orgy than a deep, psychological essay on 9/11. And it's not actually Godzilla. Nuts.
  • The preview of The Duchess is the worst trailer I have ever seen. All that pompous build up for just another "Let's hide Keira Knightly's closet lesbianism" charade.
  • Someone has stolen the Funky Fresh and I am determined to get it back.
  • Poor Ryan Adams is losing his mind (more than usual) over his break-up. D.R., let's meet up for some diet cokes, introduce me to your gal pal Mandy, and we'll talk. Cheez-Its: The Movie!
  • Elwood, is it true you read the gossip pages? No of course not. All it takes to learn the details of Ryan's hope is his very own YouTube page.

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