Saturday, February 02, 2008

My Teenage Stride @ Don Hill's

My Teenage Stride
@ Don Hill's
New York, NY - February 1, 2008

First a personal note. Never been to Don Hill's before, have no idea what this mondo party is. I walk in. People dancing. 5 seconds later, as if on cue, Camera Obscura's "If Looks Could Kill" comes on and people go nuts. It was like an entrance theme. I love that band.


Remember the 80's? My Teenage Stride certainly does, and - this is critical here - they remember the good parts. It took me a few weeks to figure it out but they recall, mostly, the Jam (without a keyboard). Power Pop - New Wave - Bar Band. A nice little trifecta to craft ditties if ever there was one. The band, particularly their lead singer, seemed to think they were terrible and that they "need improvement". Eh. If that's what he thinks, so be it. John Q. Public certainly liked it, so chew on that buddy. And don't mess with "To Live And Die In The Airport Lounge", already one of the best songs of the year (Number 1 on the Pennypacker Ipod Top 20 Countdown, 2 weeks running).
Add this unit to the cadre of bands like Looker, Action Painters, and Wormburner - New York bands not exactly part of the current hipster set but carving out a solid niche of no frills, all fun substantive rock n' roll.

"you got to be a child to have straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange problems". I love it.

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