Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stereogum Gets Nostalgic...

...for Williamsburg 2001.

Man, I remember Luxx. I went there once. It was my first gig back in the city after graduating school. I saw The Sounds. Remember the Sounds? They were that Swedish band that went on every late night TV show and didn't stop touring but their second album was terrible and then the chick went on to take part in one of the worst things in the entire history of our civilization...the Cobra Starship video for Snakes on a Plane.

Anyway, that was a fun night. I tried to pick up a chick reading Al Franken's book at the bar but my friend with me blocked me thinking his "born again, pious Jew" image would be sure to earn her sympathy and therefore earn him a date. I was too fat anyway so it was just as well.

I never went back and Luxx closed early the next year. I had no idea until this moment that the Trash Bar is what became of Luxx. I didn't even remember how we got there or what it looked like outside, I was that drunk. So what street was I on after the show getting cheers and calls for my AC/DC shirt (this was BEFORE the AC/DC shirt fad took off...I may have started it...)? Grand? Metropolitan?

Doesn't matter. And the Electroclash fad was before my time (though years later, I came to like Fischerspooner but had no idea they were considered part of that scene). I was with the Sounds:

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