Thursday, February 07, 2008

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

  • From Big Love: "If I want a caboose that old, I'll call Union Pacific." This may have caused the single longest laugh in my head that I have ever had.
  • Invest in potash before it is too late.
  • If there is one thing about Lost I cannot stand, it is the frequent killing of good looking women.
  • I liked Romney's quitting speech. He tried to bring back 2004. He stopped just shy of accusing the left of sedition. Karl Rove must have had a tear in his eye.
  • At the gym, I heard a chap saying "How could anyone have voted for Giuliani? Look how he raised the bridge toll!"
  • I was recently labeled a "faggot" by a long time friend for saying I liked Morrissey. I dread the reaction once the news gets around about Hot Chip. I have to make sure not to sing the line in "Ready for the Floor".
  • So MySpace is dead. Pennypacker is checking out of the interweb social networking business. The Facebook is good for Scrabble but that's about it. Once the bands have cut down on the MySpace, that's it. It's all over. From now on, give Pennypacker a CB radio, a telegraph, and a steam powered death device.
  • Speaking of steam, steampunk is actually pretty cool. Too bad I have no intention of spending anytime in the culture of it. But I will construct a rotary phone that can convert into a gyroscope that can shoot steam-powered bullets of death.
  • I recently caught Tim Gunn on The Daily Show. I remember him from my year of regular television watching, when I had the cable. The man is brilliant.
  • I caught up with that recent Simpsons episode with the 90's flashback. It's really sad that the show had to reinvent its backstory to make up for all the time on the air. The only pop culture reference from the 90's the episode didn't contain was the one about that brilliant animated sitcom that would occasionally have flashbacks to the 70's and 80's. A whole generation of kids have now grown up not understanding the Joe Piscopo references. Sad indeed.
  • 4 references to television in this post. 1 show via DVD, two online, and only one of the programs actually watched on a television set as it aired.
  • The concert calendar hasn't been empty lately, just the Pennypacker Savings Bank. Unlike the big boys, this little operation can't get into shows for free yet. But there is plenty of stuff to see and hear so stay tuned.

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