Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"F The CC"? How About F Satellite Radio?

Opie and Anthony suspended by XM

I hate Opie and Anthony. They are terrible. I have never found them funny (although they did impress me as being more than ape-headed goons when they went on Letterman). And their antics on the public airwaves were worthy of derision (especially the interruptions of live news reports - that's disrupting public information, even if that information can be ultimately meaningless).

Private companies like XM have the right to censor their staff. But radio is radio. And those in communications have the right to say what they want and blah blah blah you get the idea. But what stymies me is that I don't see what is so horrible about this bit? Is it "fire in a crowded theater?" Is it Imus?

I don't want Condi Rice to be raped but a person should be allowed to say they would do it. As long as they don't see "You out there listening, go find Condi Rice and rape her", take your censorship and shove it pal.



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