Sunday, May 13, 2007

Gig Review Archives

Those of you who may read the blog via a reader may be wondering why are all these old reviews popping up as recent posts. I developed a nicer format for gig review headlines and so I went back through the archives. I keep an older archive on my hard drive with reviews pre-dating the original creation of this blog. So I have created Sonic Parthenon Gig Reviews as a public archive of all my gig reviews going back to 1999.

It's been an interesting re-visit. Some of these bands reviewed have broken-up or given-up or are on hiatus. Some forgotten little nuggets of events surrounding gigs are interesting too (like Holly Golightly and Ko & The Knockouts being mugged before their show at Southpaw in 2003) It's also interesting to read some of my screw-ups (the worst of which I had to amend now). And I had to erase the stupid grading I did.

If you read it, you are going to see a progression from a real shitty writer with mainstream music tastes to a semi-shitty writer with more wide-ranging music tastes. The early years find nothing but arena acts (and the very beginning is a showcase for my late teen years and my odd like of chick rock - though I stand by my love of early-mid Sarah Mclachlan records). After 2002, you see the beginning of the underground and indie rock reviews. The highlight has to be from May 2003, when I ignorantly write of the Greenhornes as if they are some kind of White Stripes rip-off, having no idea who they actually were.
I made notes - with the hindsight of years - where I feel appropriate, including some personal anecdotes.


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