Sunday, May 13, 2007

That Tingly Feeling

The Changes; Takka Takka; The End of the World
@ Union Hall
Brooklyn, NY - May 12, 2007

There is that tingly feeling you get sometimes, watching a band. It's that sensation, that feeling, that you know something is going on. It's that moment when you realize that the live performance and the record are equal parts in the same equation and that equation is that the band you are watching is now up there as one of your favorites. I recently labeled Camera Obscura as my new favorite band, but let's amend it. Right up there are the Changes. And the Chicago boys are up there in a big way. They are familiar without being an uninspired hack. They are an homage to power pop sensibilities of the past without being just another retro revival band. They can be corny and goofy and too sugary for a diabetic, but they play it off solid, substantive, and sublime.
The last time I felt this good seeing a band live, and felt that sensation of "this band is going to be one of my bands for a long time to come" was in 2004 when the rock n roll soul fury of the Dirtbombs and the ethereal graininess of Blanche knocked me for a loop. So yes, I guess that means the Changes will be joining the pantheon of bands that will get heavy promotion on this page. Brace yourselves.
Here is a sample of the band, from Feb 2007:

One last bit on the band, kudos to them for providing negative criticisms in their press section on the website. That takes something. I don't know what that something is...and I don't know if they know they got it, but they got it. Got it?

Takka Takka is in the tradition of Neil Young tried and true (there is definitely a Neil Young love affair going on right now, especially in the Northeast - it seems like every 10-15 years, someone's younger brother discovers Neil and a new revival is born). Though after a few songs, it felt like it could have been enough already. But as long as New York bands know the ways of Neil, what's to really complain about? (Don't ask me this again in a year or so, when I grow tired of Neil...again).

The End of the World were an excellent opening band that seemed to merge the power pop of the Changes with the folky-ness of Takka Takka. Their recorded stuff doesn't do them justice, so listen to the live track on their MySpace (which itself doesn't do justice). Lots of promise, lots of talent...heck, they could be the next Changes.

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