Friday, April 27, 2007

From Iqaluit to Madison Square Garden: More on the Odd Tour of the White Stripes

It slowly can hit you how the band you like isn't just some really good band or a flavor of the month by hipsters and trendsetters. Sometimes you can appreciate just how wacky, unique, strange, and distinct a band you like can be.

What is more bizarre? That the Stripes, of all the bands in the world, are playing Madison Square Garden (the WHOLE Garden it seems, not just the Theater - a difference of 18,000-plus seats). The only stop bigger than the Garden is a football stadium. And that's Rolling Stones territory. That is insane. Or what about Iqaluit? It's hard to imagine those Rolling Stones ever playing there. Maybe Bob Dylan. Maybe. But probably not.

Personally speaking, it would cost me more than $2,000 to put a whole Iqaluit trip together. It's just not going to happen. Unless I get help. Iqaluit or Bust 2007!

So how exactly did this odd, special performance-to-be come together and how is it going to be executed? Read:

The city of Iqaluit's economic development officer said he had been in talks with the White Stripes' publicist about the show.

Mike Bozzer said Thursday the band will bring its own sound technicians and equipment, but the city is connecting it with local options for security, ticket printing and other logistics.

About 500 tickets are expected to go on sale in Iqaluit by early May, and Bozzer said he hopes to keep ticket prices at less than $40.

He added that he's received interest from promoters outside Nunavut in inviting southern fans to the Iqaluit concert.

"The Gillett Entertainment Group has contacted me wanting 50 of the tickets for themselves to sell online to people in Montreal and Ottawa. So definitely those 50 people would stay here for probably a few days — stay in the hotels, eat at our restaurants, shop at our stores," he said.

So that's 50 people right there. Plus some of the locals would want to check it out. Plus as I said the day before last, the Mayor and a Polar Bear or two would probably show up.

If anyone can figure out how to get there cheap, let me know.

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At May 1, 2007 at 5:15:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you thought about seeing them in Yellowknife? the fares on kayak is $838 all in, Iqaluit is about 1100
Hope you make it, it's an amazing part of the world


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