Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Best Band in New York?

The Bamboo Kids; The Anabolics
@ Magnetic Field
Brooklyn, NY - April 20, 2007

For a change, I am not going to run straight for the hyperbole but I will say that after years of hard work, the hard rockin', good time, but substantive outfit known as the Bamboo Kids may be the Best Band in New York. The only things that change about the band are leader Dwight Weeks' look, and their live performance. They get better each time I see them and performance-wise, they've come a long way since I saw them perform at CBGB's a few years ago.
The Anabolics are a real raw, crunchy garage band consisting of two hot babes and a very Ramones-inspired drummer. Simple, spunky, fiesty.

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