Thursday, April 26, 2007

OK, OK, I'm a Little Excited...But....

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So maybe he hates me. So what. And so what if the last album was a little disappointing. And so what the suits look ridiculous just like the last time. So what.
The White Stripes are the main reason I like music the way I do today. It's been five year since I got into the band and ten years since the band began. It's nostalgia time. And what better way to be nostalgic than to anticipate the official debut of the new single at 12:01AM midnight on Itunes. I haven't listened to the radio leaks from XFM or Indie 103. I'll wait.

But the tour. Classic Jack White Inventive Insanity. They may be the first big time rock band to play Iqaluit, Yellowknife, and Whitehorse. I mean - seriously. Inqaluit? Who is going to attend the show? The Mayor and a Polar Bear?

Some Canadian friends have expressed displeasure at some of these dates. They remarked that some of these towns are rundown areas populated by poor natives and marked by outrageous inflation (it's 8 Canadian dollars for broccoli in Thunder Bay, one of the stops on the Stripes tour). And who is going to actually attend? But perhaps we doth protest too much lest yet the man himself bleats "take take take" again.

And then they are playing the Garden. Madison Square Garden. The whole of it. 20,000 seats last I checked. The bad news: What an un-intimate, cold, arena rock show. The good news: It should hopefully not sell out in a matter of seconds AND there is the possibility that the Dirtbombs could open up but that is pure speculation on my part.

So yeah I'm sure I'll get in big trouble now for voicing some displeasures. Nevermind the fact that I am excited about the new music and the new gig. That's irrelevant. Me, I'm just a big fat jerk who has singled out a band to hate for no good reason. Yep that's me.

But I think Meg is hot. Does that count for something?

Review of the Single Later Tonight or Tomorrow:
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Alright. Here it is:

Hello In Through The Out Door Zeppelin! The Zep-like riff is great and after a couple listens I was into that groove. Meg's drumming seems to have really taken a step up. Not that it mattered before, but this extra pep in her step really works.
But then the song takes weird turns. It's too prog rock. I loathe prog rock as a genre. If we label this prog rock, then it is certainly up there with the better prog singles like those from Rush and ELP but prog rock still, as a whole, blows the big enchilada up the ass of an ass. Anyway...
It veers off too much. 2 or 3 different styles mixed in with the Zep riff is too much for one single. The bagpipe sound (or simulation through synth) is wasted. This ain't "It's A Long Way to the Top" by Ac/Dc which I guess it somewhat strives to be in that weird Jack way of doing things.
That being said, it's a good song. 4:17 is way too long for a single but it's good enough to keep me interested and excited about the upcoming record.
Oh and the lyrics! When Jack isn't conjuring Robert Plant, he's practically rapping. And how's this for a verse?:

White Americans, what?
Nothing better to do?
Why don't you kick yourself out
You're an immigrant too?

Stripes go political for maybe the second time ever (one night in concert, Jack took the already socio-economically tinged "Big 3 Killed My Baby" and turned a line about the unscrupulous automotive Big 3 into a line about Bush). A good kick in the ass to the small but annoying cadre of fans who insist that Jack's shtick about old-fashioned style and ethics was a hint at some kind of conservative political belief. Nice to put that little nagging bit of irrelevance to sleep.

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