Friday, June 10, 2011

The Sonic Parthenon Playlist: Spring 2011, Vol. 2

Songs (cont.)

Keren Ann - "My Name Is Trouble"
Keren Ann has always piqued my curiosity and I've always said "I'll get into her on a steady basis" but while that hasn't materialized, there was room for this charmer.

Buffalo Tom - "Guilty Girls"
Confession. I've never heard of Buffalo Tom before I heard this song. After learning my lesson (via a comp tape found on Ave A), I got all caught up. They've redefined themselves as they've regrouped, and now Buffalo Tom may have hit a stride with this Americana rocker, a perfect burst of rock n roll.

Anna Calvi - "Blackout"
Anna Calvi has a lot of buzz. This song is near justification. What else I've justification. I will let you know after the Summer.

Crystal Stilts - "Through the Floor"
A band I think I once vowed to dislike since I was sick of distortion pop and bands with Crystal in their name. Oops. This song is fantastic.

Generationals - "Ten Twenty Ten"
I didn't expect Generationals to come back after "When They Fight, They Fight" two years ago but boy have they ever with this peppy prance.

Porcelain Rift - "Tip of your Tongue"
A sweet sounding, slightly fuzzy pop song.

Shrag - "Tight in August"
I HATE the vocals on this song, especially the female vocal. At least the male vocal sounds like a less-over-feminized version of Fred from the B-52's. And yet - in spite (or because of?) the incongruent vocals - the song works. The composition is made for a radio hit and that organ is irrestible.

UNKLE with Nick Cave - "Money and Run"
You tell me how UNKLE sounds. All I know is, anytime that I hear Nick's vocals now, I immediately feel like Grinderman is surrounding me. That's a good thing, just so you know. It may not, however, be a good thing for YOU.

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