Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Sonic Parthenon Show Episode 6 – “The Novelty of It All”

The Sonic Parthenon Show Episode 6 – “The Novelty of It All”


“Take Off!” by Bob & Doug McKenzie

Set 1
“The Boo Boo Song” by King Coleman
“Rubber Biscuit” by the Chips

Set 2
“Cretin Hop” by the Ramones
“Bop-a-Hula” by Jimmy Newman
“I Can’t Dance (I Got Ants in My Pants)” by Valaida Snow
“The Time Warp” by the Cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show
“Mean Green Mother from Outer Space” by the Cast of Little Shop of Horrors

Set 3
“Along Came Jones” by the Coasters
“If I Knew You Were Coming I’d Have Baked a Cake” by Eileen Barton & the New Yorkers
“Sly Cigarette” by Tiny Tim
“Constipation Blues” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Set 4
“Traditional Irish Folk Song” by Denis Leary
“Elmo’s Song: Johnny Paycheck” by George Carlin
“They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!” by Napoleon XIV

Set 5
“Surfin’ Bird” by the Trashmen
“Rock Island Line” by the Knitters
“Vidalia” by Andrew Bird’s BonFire
“Red Hot” by Billy Lee Riley

Set 6
“Tony’s Got Hot Nuts” by Faye Richmond
“Animal Crackers” by the California Ramblers
“Hot Chocolate Crazy” by Eden Kane
“Mountain Dew” by Grandpa Jones
“We Love Bananas Because They Ain't Got No Bones” by Hoosier Hot Shots

Set 7
“Makin' Wicky-Wacky Down in Waikiki” by Sophie Tucker
“How to Catch a Man” by Minnie Pearl”
“Jo-Jo the Dog Faced Boy” by Marion Ryan
“Bloodshot Eyes” by Jimmy Justice
“You’re the Reason Our Kids are Ugly” by Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty

Set 8
“Tiny Pants” by the Aquabats
“Big Irons” by Phenomenauts
“Piccolo Pete” by Stan Greening & His Orchestra
“My Favorite Record” by Asylum Street Spankers

“The Bright Side of Life” by Monty Python

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