Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rumor Has It...

There's word around the proverbial campfire this evening that in less than 48 Earth Hours from now, yours truly will be making his Sub-Etha Internet Radio debut at http://thorradio.com/.

That salacious spinner of savory songs, DJ Rez, has apparently been conked on the coconut with a frying pan (cast iron no doubt), and has chosen to allow your Middling Working Boy to sit in with him at Rez HQ for 2 hours of pious rock n roll pontification and playing of said rock n roll. It'll be a meeting of the minds, as the kids say these days, and this old hack will even be playing a handful of his own personal favorites of these years and yester.

The liturgy will be doled out this Thursday, September 2nd at SEVEN in the PM - 2300 Hours Universal Coordinated Time. Remember to dress sharp, phone a friend, and alert the Princeton Astronomical Observatory to be on the lookout for inter-stellar responses to the mass consumption of the digital bandwith.

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