Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings; The Budos Band @ Prospect Park

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings; The Budos Band
@ Prospect Park
Brooklyn, NY - August 7, 2010

I didn't catch much of this show because it was insanely crowded and you had to get there early so there was a lot of walking around the area between the bands performances. But I did catch something, a bit of insight: Sharon Jones is worth it. Sometimes, with the Dap Kings records, I get a little "ahhhh it's nice but ehhhh it's a bit dry and toooo much like the great vintage soul it wants to be but not always with that oomph and baaaaaah....". Forget all that. She's great. And this is how soul is meant to sound. You know - New York is not the kind of place that needs to rely on that "hey a local boy/girl made good!" mentality that The Real America has because this city doesn't have a chip on its shoulder or that boonies/sticks way of life. But in the case of Sharon Jones, it's irresistible to say. The former Rikers Island corrections officer really is a remarkable story of success and how sweet it is.

The Budos Band alternated between a great soul/funk wham and a lengthy psychedelic jam. They should have stuck to the former.

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