Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Parliament-Funkedelic; The Ohio Players @ Wingate Field

Parliament-Funkedelic; The Ohio Players
@ Wingate Field
Brooklyn, NY - July 12, 2010

The session of Parliament-Funkedelic (heretofore known as "P-Funk") was called to order by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. It was called in honor of Martin Luther King. 2 motions were passed unanimously:

Resolved - The people desire the funk. It is to be surrendered upon demand. This was declared as such because of the funk's necessity. Once the funk was retrieved, it was determined that the funk would be displayed in a turning fashion befitting its matriarchal status.

Resolved - It is so decreed that the festive function as performed by P-Funk cannot be compared to any other festive function because a P-Funk festive function never ceases in its operation.

George Clinton may be a little wayward these days with his doo-rag and baggy clothes and the uncomfortable display of his granddaughter gangsta rapping about sex, but he is still THE George Clinton and he will forever BE THE George Clinton so he can get a pass. The rising tide of the funk, the cascading horns and incessant rhythm, the impenetrable bass lines, and the inherent gravitas of the old man cannot be denied. And to hell with that damned Cynero!

0712102227-00.jpg by you.
A breakout of the Funk claims a dozen souls in the crowd at this session of Parliament.

The Ohio Players take the rare distinction of being an opening act who played longer than the headliner. And they put on their orchestral soul for most of their act before finally bringing out the Love Rollercoaster. All good funk needs its soul. And in keeping with the openly spiritual calling of the night, the leader of the Ohio Players reminded us all in the audience that HE is always with us, HE will always guide us, HE will always be there in our hearts to show us the way, if only we let HIM in. Of course the HE in question is Marty Markowitz. Who else?

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