Sunday, June 06, 2010

Camera Obscura @ One Hanson Place

Camera Obscura
@ One Hanson Place
Brooklyn, NY - June 6, 2010

All gigs should almost be like this. In the hallway of Brooklyn's landmark old skyscraper - a flea market full of cabana wear, old western pulp novels, Archie comic bottletop earrings, and live Lou Reed and Miles Davis records. Downstairs in the old vault of the old Williamsburg Savings Bank, Camera Obscura played a short set in prep for tomorrow night's sold out show at the Grand Ballroom. Free, with ice cream. What we could have done without were the stuffy heat and the lack of sightlines and the odd crowd too busy talking to notice that the band had come out and started playing. Regardless, the band sounded fine if a bit muted in the confines. But that didn't stop the run from "Let's Get Out of This Country" to "Eighties Fan" (with "French Navy", "Hey Lloyd...", and a couple others thrown in) feeling perky. Little things like this make me wish that of all the bands who actually DON'T live in Brooklyn, this band really probably should. Sigh.

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