Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Sonic Parthenon Playlist: Spring 2010 Part 2

Nellie McKay - "If I Ever Had a Dream"
Feisty, combative McKay has gone all-smooth in her loving tribute to Doris Day.

Mumford & Sons - "Little Lion Man"
This deceptive pop song by these folky Brits grew on me something fierce and proves that the banjo really works as a background rock instrument.

Tallest Man on Earth - "King of Spain"
Between the big rock bands, the punk rock, and the dance grooves all over the scenes, it's good to take a step back and just take in a singer and their guitar. Like this one for instance.

The Temper Trap - "Sweet Disposition"
I can't commit to this being a rock band in the way that a lot of people think of them. But they are substance over style. Would I be slapped for saying I hear those late 70's/early 80's crooners like Hall & Oates, not just the English pop of the time? The point is, this song was used to excess in (500) Days of Summer, the movie that helped me break up with Zooey Deschannel (hey what about that second She & Him record? I'm busy).

Two Door Cinema Club - "Eat That Up, It's Good For You"
This was an honorable mention on the last playlist. I had no inkling it would grow on me and then accelerate into a dominant Ipod favorite. It's in the vain of the cutesy-poo Indie pop I have been loving for a couple of years. They make me continue to use the present tense. In the present participle form anyway.

Title Tracks - "Every Little Bit Hurts"
Following the sudden break-up of Georgie James, John Davis continues his highly melodic power pop ways with Title Tracks and he sports this nifty single that was a highlight of the spring. Unlikely Dischord Records label star?

Honorable Mentions
The Besnard Lakes - "Albatross"
Broken Bells - "The Mall & Misery"
Class Actress - "Let Me Take You Out"
Sierra-Leone Refugee All-Stars - "Living Stone"
Angus & Julia Stone - "Santa Monica Dream"
Tracey Thorn - "Why Does The Wind"

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