Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mission of Burma @ East River State Park/Williamsburg Waterfront

Mission of Burma; Fucked Up; Ponytail
@ East River State Park/Williamsburg Waterfront
Brooklyn, NY - July 12, 2009

Marty Markowitz, in a surreal moment, introduced the legendary punk rockers Mission of Burma, to usher in a new era of free Brooklyn summer shows at the waterfront in Williamsburg. The visuals of everything are a step up from the concrete jungle of the McCarren Park Pool, despite the popularity of that place. The bands on the menu were also aimed at a more diverse crowd, as opposed to the usual band of scenesters. The headliners showcased their sound that made them sound fresher than anyone who opened for them. The Toronto hardcore basketcases known as Fucked Up (Marty didn't mention them by name, I can tell you that) displayed a ferocity and an affinity for the old school that was more than decent. Ponytail had a great rhythm section and a talent for fast-paced proggish licks, but the singing destroyed all of it, leaving little to be fond of.

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