Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Sonic Parthenon Playlist: Early March, 2009 Vol. I

Well this was the fear and it came true. Too many outside factors going on, affecting the productivity of the blog. It's a shame because I have been listening to more music now than in the past several months at least. So in order to fill the gaps between the gig reviews, here is this occasional series to keep this blog relevant and up to date:

Camera Obscura - "My Maudlin Career"
The kids are coming back with a new album and two sold out small shows in late March. The title track, made available via the band through their site, is a dashing bit of that classically sad-eyed whimsy that these Scots (+ darling Manchester girl/band news scribe) are known for. It is always so good to feel so cutely blue around Camera Obscura.

Heartless Bastards - "The Mountain"
Another title track, this from Erika Wennerstrom's project, represents a side of the band yours truly did not notice when they came through town a few years ago with the Soledad Brothers. With a startlingly complex voice to go along with her smokin' guitar chops, Wennerstrom may just steal the show from the Gaslight Anthem at Webster on the 27th of this month.

The Takeover UK - "Ah La La"
Watching Lost led to watching promos. The early promos for that bad-looking Castle featured a hard, happenin' rock n roll song. The power of the internet revealed it was this track from a band (not from the UK) that I think may be one of those old fashioned big record label start-up bands.

Bruce Springsteen - "My Lucky Day"
Working on a Dream doesn't sound too hot (Magic sure didn't) but like with the last one, there is one solid, killer cut the whole world should play over and over. Last time, with "Radio Nowhere", it was punchy, almost roadhouse-y Bruce. This time it's more of that sweeter, bar band of friendly pals atmosphere.

Sam Roberts Band - "Them Kids"
I caught this band once a couple years ago and thought nothing of it but this single is a happy kicker, one to smile and dance to in times like these.

Bon Iver - "Blood Bank"
He's back and in good form. Emphasizing more of that soul-vocal underpinnings to his darkly rich folk, Justin Vernon is already not destined to be a one-hit wonder in the Indie world. This chap has staying power.

Handsome Furs - "I'm Confused"
All I know is the promo photos for this act's new record are too hot for their own good but more important than that, I heard this song for the first time a couple days ago and I am already obsessed with it.

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