Thursday, February 05, 2009

Illinois; Giants @ Fontana's

Illinois; Giants
@ Fontana's
New York, NY - February 4, 2008

Boy, Illinois - they are just a little bit of everything aren't they? Country, blues, funk, Indie pop, jam band - every song came from a different genre but it was the same band throughout, no posing going on for one second. And talented gentlemen on top of it, particularly one Chris Shepherd wailing on the guitar. And the way they are reinventing how bands release their music - USB keys released on a weekly basis - may lead to the biggest shake-up in the selling of rock n' roll since Napster.

Giants are the quintessential post-Neil rock band, picking up all the signature sounds that came in the wake of the Bar Band meeting the Folk Rocker. The songs are well-structured, well-crafted, and solidly played. A good lead vocalist really makes it work.

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