Sunday, February 01, 2009

Clare & The Reasons @ Abrons Arts Center

Clare & The Reasons; Josh Mease
@ Abrons Arts Center
New York, NY - January 31, 2008

"Welcome to our recital. We've been practicing all semester", said Clare Muldaur Machon before her merry misfits played a thoroughly vexing set in the basement auditorium of the Abrons Arts Center, located in the nether regions of eastern Grand Street. The awkward confines of the performance space - a lil' auditorium with a tiny concrete floor - lent a charm to the proceedings. There was talk of performing songs from the upcoming second record but Clare relayed to us that her new songs were being threatened with murder by her old songs, in her dreams that is, so to play it safe they stuck to their usual set. Some sad news: "Can You Car Do That? (I Don't Think So)" will not find a home on the upcoming album. Alas, it will remain a live novelty, much like the car in the song.

Imporant footnote: I have a major crush on the cellist. Is that a cello she's playing? Whatever it is - the upright thing - her. Yeah. Major crush.

Josh Mease is a perfectly pleasant singer-songwriter who mixes Jazz, country, and blues all in the vein of M.Ward's laid-back campfire-on-the-beach style. And while he will probably be surprised to learn this, he should know that his natural, off-the-cuff in-between song banter is pretty darn funny. His debut album comes out in April.

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