Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Sonic Parthenon Playlist: Early March, 2009 Vol. II

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - songs from It's Blitz
"Zero" and "Heads Will Roll" are the two standouts from what I've heard so far from this revolutionary sounding record in the YYY story. Show Your Bones demonstrated that the band wasn't going to stick to an instrumental rubric but they stuck to the same basic rock-based formula that the kids previously displayed in a purer, raw punk form. Now they've broken out of their box. Some will argue that by joining the raging disco-rock sound of the last couple years, the trio are cashing in. But the Yeah Yeah Yeahs do everything they do so well, with so fine on a point on it, they make it all their own.

Late of the Pier - "Space and the Woods"
Speaking of that dance-rock rage, here's a good one. Go out on a Saturday night and dance the recession away!

The Features - "Lions"
The "wooah wooah" sing-a-long of the moment.

M. Ward - songs from Hold Time
I've been a bad M. Ward fan, having not yet devoted time to his latest LP and not catching him when he played the Apollo. Nevertheless, "Never Had Nobody Like You" is a already a classic, and "Jailbird" shows good things. Matt Ward has had one of the most accomplished, and sanely-paced, careers this decade and it looks like he's ending the decade on a very high note.

Neko Case - Middle Cyclone
We could do without the 30 minutes of nature sounds at the end, but Neko's first record in a few years is a triumphant return of her flawless voice, her strong songcraft, and the finest gams in music. There, I wrote it. Sue me.

The Missed Connections - Hold Still, You Say
In the vein of the above-mentioned Bon Iver, and recalling the spirit shared by artists such as Tiny Vipers, comes this newly minted (and as yet pretty much unreleased) little bud. It's hard to get for now, but it may very well be the case that in the coming months, it'll be on the minds of anyone worth a damn.

Coldplay, Snow Patrol, the Killers - ???
The way things are going these days, there's time to listen to the pretty capable 101.9. Who would have thought a year ago that this station would not only be kicking and screaming, but displaying a solid devotion to not just the easy elements of rock n roll history but the tough stuff and the real stuff (the classic punk, the alternative sounds of the last 40 years, the forgotten gems). That has nothing to do with this, however. In the realm of the easy, in addition to playing enough Aerosmith and the Who to last a lifetime, the powers that be at WRXP managed to sell me on giving Snow Patrol and the Killers second chances, and Coldplay a fourth. Between "Lovers in Japan", "Crack the Shutters", and "Spaceman", I have enough guilty pleasure to tide me over till the summer.

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