Thursday, January 17, 2008

Maybe It Is All Waves and Radiation: The Airborne Toxic Event

Pennypacker's been reading Don DeLillo's White Noise for most of the last two weeks, so when the band known as the Airborne Toxic Event became known of tonight, it was a bit of...well...Deja vu. Well not really - but it was a tad stunning. Especially considering one of Pennypacker's favorite pastimes is to find band names in potentially every phrase in the language...but this one had not occurred to me in the last two weeks. Maybe I'm on Dylar.

And they're actually quite good too. Credit goes to Oh My Rockness for its latest batch of podcasted mp3's (ignore my weak comment on that page..."kinda" and "weird" may work on other sites but they have no room on this page).

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