Monday, April 30, 2007

FEEDBACK: Should This Blog Change?

I ask this for a couple reasons. I am obviously not so highly focused on progressive politics as I used to be, and also there has been, this entire time, a website called The Blue Republic. While I've gotten pretty far despite that shared name, it certainly doesn't help standing out.

-Should I keep the blog up as an archive and simply create a new one? Or should I change the domain name and risk losing people linked to the blog?
-I want to start allowing advertising on the blog. Any suggestions?
-Suggestions for a new name. Possible options: A name reflecting the more music-based focus of the blog; A name that continues to balance music and politics; A name that could be more encompassing, as I write more and more about society at large, personal anecdotes, etc etc. So far I have been playing around with some references to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (namely using "42" or "Don't Panic") and/or the Greco-Roman Gods of Mercury (a messenger), Apollo (Arts and Culture), and Athena/Minerva (Wisdom, Righteous Defense).
-Or should I just keep everything as is.



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