Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Bomb Turks @ The Bell House

New Bomb Turks; Nervosas; Born Loose
@ the Bell House
Brooklyn, NY - January 18, 2014

"The Chin" AKA "The Art Deco Soviet Propaganda Jaw" AKA Hatty McHatStealer, AKA Eric Davidson has been more known to me lately as leader of local punks Livids and as an accomplished world-class author. But tonight he was back in the digs that made him known to those who know him, with the New Bomb Turks. Even in the aging graying spectre of the conclusion of existence, there is no end to the madcap litany of out-of-control-rock-n-roll and hijinks. If the Marx Brothers were punks from Ohio, they'd have become the New Bomb Turks (and it means Zeppo wouldn't have quit, the schnook).
From the rampaging kick-off of "Born Toulouse-Lautrec" on a night train to "Lone Gone Sister", this was one of those "barn-burners" children like to talk about, even though they don't quite understand what burning a barn is all about. But Davidson knows.

Nervosas are frill-less (sad to say maybe even thrill-less) thrash-core also out of Ohio. Once can tell they still live there. But what do I know?

Born Loose are classically defined manic garage punk. With a frontman who reminds me of a young Steve Martin (wild, nonsensical, and refusing to leave the stage), this band was the sonic equivalent of a fun but had-a-little-too-much boozer. I enjoyed them with a distinct pleasantness.


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