Monday, January 10, 2011

The Sonic Parthenon Show Is Coming To Thor

As I addressed a couple of months ago, things just ain't the same in the Sonic Parthenon universe. When a Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt super show next week, and a Blasters comeback show in March, are the only exciting dates on the calendar, you know it's time to rethink the big picture. But as I also alluded to in my lament, there was a way out. A way to stem the tide. It came in the form of an Internet radio network named Thor Radio ( or look for it via Live 365 and the old Google matrix). The kindly DJ Rez gave Pennypacker a couple of guest shots over the last few months to help remember what it used to be like around here.

Well the time has come. The time has come to announce to the world that Elwood D. Pennypacker is taking his Sonic Parthenon franchise worldwide - "mass comunnacashun" as Governor Pappy O'Daniel once said in O Brother Where Art Thou?
In the coming weeks, debuting on the stream of Thor Radio, Elwood D. Pennypacker will be hosting The Sonic Parthenon Show. We're still working out the kinks - launch date, length, doing it live vs. recorded, making sure Ray Davies' muscles are loose and free - but we're getting closer and closer to the big to-do. Thor Radio itself may very well be undergoing a transformation as a new fleet of DJ's may be coming together to do what they do best: play records and speak in non-sequiturs (well, the latter may just be my domain but still).

The time has come to cross this Rubicon and admit that we have to look backwards a bit. We're going to play what we like now and plenty of it, but we're going back to times lived recently and times before our time. We're going to remember scenes and 'zines, we're going to pay tribute to our radio heroes past and present, we're going to sit and dawdle and think of no good reason to play Wang Chung. We're going to have special themed shows and gimmicks you can shake a stick at. Above all, we're going to have fun. Well someone's going to have fun. It may or may not be me, all depending on whether I can figure this microphone out.

So join in why don'tcha? Bring the family (well maybe not the kids since the FCC has no say over the absinthe-infused declaratives that may be sent over the digital airwaves). We'll be in touch with a start date and with more information about other DJ's and schedules at Thor Radio, and we'll probably spruce up The Sonic Parthenon Blog a bit in getting ready for The Sonic Parthenon Show. In the meantime, sit tight, hang loose, and remember: protect ya neck.

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