Friday, January 14, 2011

Shwa Losben; Bryan Dunn; Luke Wesley @ Rockwood Music Hall

Shwa Losben; Bryan Dunn; Luke Wesley
@ Rockwood Music Hall
New York, NY - January 13, 2010

A friend of Pennypacker decided to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her expunging from the womb with some old friends including a trio of musicians and their cohorts well known around here. Shwa did a version of "So Cry" that gave this old black heart the chills. Bryan Dunn, who I last saw perform at the final reviewed gig of 2009, took part in the first reviewed gig of 2011 with his usual array of impeccably crafted tunes. And I was finally introduced to the work of Luke Wesley who has the same instinct to make these sharp, savvy songs. An inserted cover of Cohen's "Hallelujah" was an added benefit.

But don't let these nice fellas fool you. There is rock n roll punk danger here. After all, who else could bring on a RAID BY THE NYPD?! OK it wasn't a raid. It was a mere regulatory building inspection. But the unit was led by a well manicured man in a wide-brimmed fedora and trench coat (I shit you not on this people). So it COULD have been dangerous, dangerous circa 1946.

If you read this blog regularly, you know there's been a little whining around here lately about a dearth of excitement on the concert calendar. This is what happens when you get spoiled. And it's very easy to get spoiled in New York where on seemingly any night of the week you can find guys like these guys (and plenty of gals too) doing what they do. Sometimes the hack that writes this blog needs a reality check and needs to be reminded of what he's got right here in front of him in the Big Apple. And what better way to get that dose of medicine? Playing these artists on The Sonic Parthenon Show. THAT'S RIGHT, WE'RE PLUGGING! Shwa, Bryan, Luke, and the rest of New York's best and brightest will be heard on Pennypacker's trampling of all things internet radio streaming in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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