Thursday, January 21, 2010

Basia Bulat @ Professor Thom's

Basia Bulat
@ Professor Thom's
New York, NY - January 21, 2010

First review of the decade!!! And this is exactly how it ought to be (sort of). Canadian singer-songwriter/autoharp fanatic Basia Bulat made her long awaited return to New York with a 4-song solo sampler of what's on her new record, Heart of My Own. By all measures, it seems to pick up where Oh, My Darling left off and in fact may be even more potent with serene beauty and painfully crafted longings and laments. It looks like she may even match the perfected bliss of "In The Night".

But what she cannot match is the douchebaggery of yipsters. Despite the fact that this was a record-release party and small performance, it appears the back-half of the very packed crowd were there because they either just wanted to crash the secondary bar in the joint or were told this was the place to be. Despite the efforts of the real fans up front and the singer herself, no one listened. In an anthropological moment, it seemed the only time a Yipster will quiet down is when the amp goes out and the mic is off. Somehow this works. Strange. And so it happens for the second show in a row and I find myself writing more about crowd antics than the show itself. This is a bad sign for the new decade...but it is a sign tempered by the likes of masterful, graceful artists like Basia Bulat. It's performances and artists like this that keep me going.

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