Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sonic Parthenon in Toronto: Quintron & Miss Pussycat @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Quintron & Miss Pussycat; Psychedelic Horseshit; CATL
@ The Horseshoe Tavern
Toronto, ONT - April 18, 2009

The Louisiana machine that is Quintron & Miss Pussycat is part art house spectacle, part dance/garage madness. Imagine some junk yard greaser with a penchant for mad scientist gizmo-theatrics and a taste for some hot beats and that's Quintron in a nutshell. Halfway to steampunk with his assortment of contraptions on stage (which doesn't even include Miss Pusscat's getup), the focus would be all visual if it wasn't for the solid, booty-shaking beats crossed with bluesy roars. While I could personally do without the long trippy puppet-show at the beginning, it was certainly one hell of a good time. I just wish I had brought my dancing shoes.
Too bad you can't see Quintron's lightbulb, rotating, record player electro-device to the left.

Psychedelic Horseshit has an apt name. Which wouldn't be entirely true except that each song began with a lot of rock n roll promise before devolving into a god-awful mess.

CATL were THE band of this Toronto trip. Straight-up hard rocking garage blues, this trio belted it out equally on the vicious slide guitar and the 60's organ. Playing on the crowd floor lent a juke joint vibe, and this band proved that no matter how many times this genre can exhaust itself, there's always someone to come around and give it a good, swift, needed kick in the ass.

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