Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dream Ticket: The Dirtbombs and the BellRays; MySpace Update

Unfortunately for us Yanks, it's only happening - as of right now - on March 11th in Auckland. The Datsuns, no slouches themselves, are also on the bill.

It has been a Pennypacker dream (before there was even a Pennypacker) to see the Dirtbombs and the BellRays on the same bill. There is arguably not a better matched pair of bands. It would be, at least for this blog, the Dream Ticket to end all dream tickets. Forget Police and Costello, R.E.M. with Modest Mouse and the National, Obama and Clinton. This is it.

Help start the campaign to get the BellRays attached to either some leg of the U.S./Canadian upcoming tour or to get a rain check for the future. Pennypacker knows that the west coast, just as much as the east coast, would want to see this happen.

And on a side note, this is the last all-out rock pairing Pennypacker would want to see for the Dirtbombs. Ideally, it is time to mix it up. Mr. Stoltz certainly seems to be a real difference from the typical Dirtbombs openers but let's go a step further. Let's tap into Mick's love for dance and techno music. Obviously this is blog bias here but Dirtbombs/Hot Chip? Dirtbombs would have to open there but how about Dirtbombs with the Rapture? Ol' Pennypacker wagers the Dirtbombs could headline the Bowery or the Music Hall of Williamsburg with the Rapture opening. It's all just ideas...


Meanwhile, the MySpace page has been restored. Hopefully, for good. The content will be restored over the long weekend.

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