Friday, November 23, 2007

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

  • Have you noticed the new Con Edison energy saving ads on the subway? The first 8 tips are all facts. The 9th tip is an opinion. Who's to say laptops are the twice the fun of desktops? Who? Those awful laptop keyboards say otherwise.
  • Truffaut's The 400 Blows was a window into the life of a family that should never have been. Prescient.
  • I don't know who this Ingrid Michaelson is but she's selling out every show she's playing and well in advance. I better investigate before I lose my Indie cred.
  • It's a good thing I finally checked out and really like My Bloody Valentine. It helps maintain my Indie cred. But seriously, good stuff.
  • Vampire Weekend broke the record earlier this year for fastest rising band of all time (then again, perhaps the Fratellis actually owned that record). None of it matters now: Black Kids smashed all sorts of records this past month. The next blog-hyped band will be someone who simply hits one note, and then some hipster blogger will say "brilliant", and said band will be playing the one note at Madison Square Garden five days later.
  • None of the above was fair or accurate, so to distract you here's this REAL presidential campaign ad:This is why Huckabee is surging on the Republican side. He's an extremist right wing religious fundamentalist with a warm heart and a great sense of humor: in other words, he's Ned Flanders. And really, who wouldn't want to vote for Ned Flanders?
  • Don't ever eat at the Ben Ash Delicatessen on 7th Ave and 55th st. Worst customer service in history. A hair in my drink and the waitress got mad that I pointed it out. And then making me wait after eating my overpriced, tasteless meal, only to be asked if I wanted my check, no coffee or dessert offering. And then - worst and most awkward dining moment in my life - standing over me to see what tip I leave her, as if to intimidate me into leaving her a good tip because she knew I had bad service. A bully.
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