Sunday, November 18, 2007

Artists of the Week: The Hold Steady & Art Brut

This week, we're revisiting two bands previously spotlighted, one going way back to the old Blue Republic MySpace days. But it's not like you haven't heard about them in a long time, they practically live on this blog. The Hold Steady remain one of the most fun bands in America (and probably Europe for that matter) and maybe the most fun band to hit the big time in a very long time (in this day and age, obviously "big time" is a relative term but deal with it). Art Brut's irresistible punk-ish rock n roll doesn't have the bar band atmosphere of their new friends, but their well-played authentic Englishness is a mighty equivalent. And let it be stated here and again soon: there hasn't been a tour with two such chatty, verbose, and happy frontmen (don't let that picture deceive you) on the same bill maybe just about ever. This will all be proven on Wednesday night, Thanksgiving Eve, at Terminal 5 when the Hold Steady, Art Brut, along with the 1990s, bring the house down. Get there early.

Hold Steady's "The Swish" (before the days of the one and only Franz Nicolay)

Art Brut's "Good Weekend" (before the days when Eddie shaved)

And for the heck of it: 1990s.

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