Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why Most of the Big Boys Won't Be Reviewed

Thought it was about being a cool Indie hipster eh? Thought anyone that gets played on Q104.3 is just too old for this blog's flagship reviews huh? Well you'd be wrong. Springsteen, Van, the Police, and Neil may not be all be able to fit under an umbrella of "important" or "exciting" (though in certain groupings they do), but unlike say any other acts commercially labeled as "classic rock" that tour, these young whippersnappers made such staggeringly important music, and continue to sound relevant and that's what counts. But there still won't be reviews of these upcoming gigs. Why?
$$$$ that's why.

(All pre-surcharges:)
Springsteen - $99.50
Van Morrison - $79-$254
The Police - $54-$254.50
Neil Young - $54.50-$186

That being said the $65 Friday Morrissey show is set for a review. Why? Is Morrissey that much more special than the rest of these acts? Nope. Is it that the universal $65 had the best savings value? Yes in so much as these tickets presented themselves first and that sealed the deal.

Of course, if some paying music publication wants to hire this blog and pay for admission to these all means, step up to the plate.

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