Sunday, October 07, 2007

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

  • It's Official: Anything with "Mars" in the title sounds cool, even if what the title represents is certainly not.
  • Until recently, I thought there was a difference between marinara sauce and tomato sauce.
  • Did anyone know that one of the members of the Clash is Jewish?
  • Saturday Night Live is hip and Indie again. Not quite sure how the Scissor Sisters snuck on there a few years ago, but the Arcade Fire last year (in an episode hosted by the funny guy with glasses from the American version of the Office) and Spoon this weekend (with host Seth Rogen)...and rumors of Ryan Adams making a return if only the show could be funny again.
  • Watch Jon Stewart and Chris Matthews duke it out over Matthews' new book. It's a bit surprising to see Stewart not appreciate the love of politics that Matthews has, but at the same time...yeah.
  • I predicted years ago, in my college dorm. While my roomate was going on about the continued glory of Pamela Anderson, I was saying that the era of the blond babe bombshell was going to come to an end. I predicted that "Cute" would soon takeover as the primary definition of attractiveness. Glasses and bobbed haircuts, retro vintage outfits, quirky personalities, bookish behaviors would ascend. Baywatch was dead. It died with the Pamela and Tommy Lee tape. And by now, if anyone says I'm wrong, they're living in a dream world. A very staid, boringly sexy dream world. Welcome to the world of Cute. Capital C.
  • The name X.J. Kennedy is tatoo'd on my brain for boring reasons.

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