Monday, October 22, 2007

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

  • At Union Square, some hack artist was selling a painting of Ziggy-era Bowie with the Confederate flag behind him, "Rebel, Rebel" written on the bars. Somehow, I don't think that image is what Bowie had in mind.
  • After months and months of thinking and thinking and reacting, going through waves and waves of emotions and people, the specter of the predicament at hand seemed incredibly taxing. And in the opening minutes, it seemed very bad very fast. And then, just as quickly as it looked to be bad, there was immediate catharsis, and a great healing period. Just a snippet of the upcoming Gore Vidal novel, Bitch is Crazy.
  • Five straight nights of CMJ left me with a cold, a depleted wallet, and Norah Jones. Figure that one out.
  • How To Work Hard By Hardly Working: A how-to-guide I am working on.
  • You know what I realized? Sushi is a clean food. A very clean, very fresh, very emotionally satisfying experience of eating.'s all that until the very moment it isn't. And oh boy, then it isn't.

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