Sunday, October 21, 2007

CMJ 2007, Night 5: Dirtbombs, Hard Lessons

The Hard Lessons
@ Magnetic Field
Brooklyn, NY - October 20, 2007

You know there was a brief time when this writer got so cynical, he kind of sassed the Hard Lessons for being so positive, so resilient, and so determined. Who the hell were they? Who the hell did they think were? Didn't they know they were supposed to be too-cool-for-school and mildly indifferent to the rock n' roll lifestyle? Jerks. Of course, everyone knows the deal by now: very few other bands have the fun and the joy this band has, and very few have so much productive value to show for it. The new "See and Be Scene" is the latest in a string of individual pop sensations that - and you knew this was coming - in a just world, would be a Top Ten smash across America. And better yet, they saved everyone in the crowd about 192 dollars with their so-good-it's-almost-knee-shaking ode to Neil with "Hey Hey My My".

Another exclusive Hard Lessons clip for SPTV on Blip!

The Dirtbombs
@ Maxwell's
Hoboken, NJ - October 20, 2007

An epic 3 night run around the NYC metro area came to an end, along with the five nights of CMJ, at the iconic Maxwell's in Hoboken. Tonight's "Candy Ass" report: the original version returns, rejoining the stable of audio intensity that makes for the most satisfying, hip shaking, head banging time of one's life. What more is there left to say? Truly, what is there left to say?

SPTV: CMJ Music Marathon 2007

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